About Holden Produce

In 1990, Bill Holden started Holden Produce in the back of his van with the concept of providing his customers with what they want, when they wanted it, and how. Fast forward 30 years, Holden Produce is now an industry leader providing fresh, quality produce to both wholesalers and consumers. Our multi-generation family still has the same core concept of giving our customers the service they deserve. But now we have pioneered a new front, food safety and manufacturing.

Holden Fruit and Produce has taken on the initiative of providing our customers with the safest and highest of quality produce. That is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art processing room, resources and training. This allows us to stay current with the food safety guidelines and regulations. In 2015 we moved our facilities to allow us to continue high quality manufacturing, while maintaining safety.

Holden’s Produce’s Values:

Food Safety – Over the years, food safety has become embedded in our
company’s daily operations. From daily inspections, to third party audits,
food safety is a priority at Holden Produce.
Fresh, Quality Produce – Quality produce is what we deliver. Starting
with our team of buyers and our trained staff, all product entering the
building is checked at the door.
Customer Service – Dating back to the days of Bill Holden’s van,
customer service is at the forefront of Holden Produce. With a 24-hour
online ordering, our team of representatives are just a phone call away.

Commercial Online Ordering

Family Owned & Operated

Our brands Junior’s Pre-Cut, and Rita’s Garden are able to offer our customers
a variety of service options with the freshest fruit and produce available at unparalleled quality and customer service.